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Member meeting - Junge Sprachwissenschaft e.V.

Date and location: 30.11.2019; 14:30 at Schellingstr. 3 (LMU München)

We are excited to invite all those interested to join the bi-annual member meeting of the Association for Young Linguistics (Junge Sprachwissenschaft e.V.). The agenda includes updates and plans for our ongoing projects. Of course, there is also room for your ideas and future projects.

The meeting also provides the perfect opportunity for those who have yet to become members to get to know our projects and get involved.

So, what does this association do anyways? The Association for Young Linguistics wants to connect young linguists within and across linguistic and related disciplines. We also see it as our task to further the understanding and handling of language in society.

In order to do this, we support the organisation teams of each StuTS with know-how and infrastructure. Throughout the rest of the year, our members are involved in various projects. Would you like to blog about linguistic topics, provide workshops on modern research methods or organise them at your university, motivate pupils to get into linguistics, or produce linguistic content for our social media channels? Then this is the place to be!

Upcoming events Writing week

During the writing week, we retire to a secluded place, far from all the typical distractions, and work on our respective writing projects. In between there is room for small workshops and plenary discussions against writer’s block and on questions you may have during the writing process.

The next writing week will take place in March 2020. More information at the closing plenary and throughout the next week on social media.

Contact Web: Email: FB: @jungesprachwissenschaft

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Farewell Brunch

BuFaTa Linguistics

The BuFaTa of Linguistics is a public meeting for students of various linguistic disciplines, especially for their representatives (Fachschaft). It is held mainly in Germany. All students of any linguistic discipline are welcome to participate, regardless of membership in an elected or non-elected fachschaft, especially those participating in the StuTS as well. There is a naturally close tie between StuTS and BuFaTa. Both events are therefore traditionally held simultaneously at the same university every semester. Even though the BuFaTa of Linguistics primarily deems itself the represenation of linguistic fachschafts of Germany, participants from other countries are very welcome, too. This is to foster a network and exchange of information across various educational and scientific systems.

The BuFaTa of Linguistics expressly deems itself not as a mere means of communication, but rather aims at actively promoting change in teaching and research. Discussion both in the assembly and in specific task forces shall be the BuFaTa of Linguistics’ basic means of doing its work.

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our next BuFaTas – come around and get into the act!

If you have questions, suggestions for new projects or ideas of any kind, feel free to e-mail us: